Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog.
****** NOTE: BLOG MOVED TO https://cmrodriguez.me/ ****
Hi there! My name is Cesar! It will be next April 3 years, since I am advocated full time to my Security Career. Now I'm working as a Security Researcher in Faraday Security Labs. I started my career not knowing what I wanted to do, as my only experience with security was related to development.
During these years I've been working on different technologies, programming languages, so it was hard for me to find something I particularly liked or wanted to do with my professional career, till I got to do an Android application security assessment. It was a mix of Java (as I am a Java developer this technology is natural for me), hardware, client-side exploitation, native OS library reversing, web application assessment (hybrid libraries) and an endless quantity of frameworks.
It was pretty hard for me to start doing mobile assessments, because there are a lot of concepts, restrictions and techniques that are different from the Web security discipline. So in this blog I'll try to help others in the process of getting into the Android Security world, and my passion for this environment.
For any doubt/question/advice, you can find me in twitter as @warlockk87 or by mail to: [email protected]